Doggy Time

Streamlined way to track your dog’s daily habits & health.

"I’ve been using this to track one of our dogs activities and diet as we work to get him in better shape. A simple, well-designed app that lets me do this with the minimum effort."
"I found the app to be responsive and fit in the exact need for my purposes. Simple and basic very direct and it is pleasant to look at, and it does exactly what it says it does. Yay."
“An easy way for me to track all my dogs activities and important events.”
Track Activities
Track Potty Training Activities
  • Potty Training
  • Meals (Drink, Eat, Treats)
  • Outdoor Activities (Walk, Pee, Poop, Play, Training)
  • Health & Care (Grooming, Cleaning, Medications, Vaccinations)
  • Metrics (Weight, Height)
  • Daily Journal
Reminders & Alerts
Reminders & Alerts

Keeping track of your dog's appointments and medications is important but can easily be overwhelming. That's where the Doggy Time reminders comes in handy. Create a profile for your dog and keep track of important dates.

Track Progress
Track Progress

See how well your dog is doing.

Add Pictures
Add Pictures

Enhance your activity log with pictures.