Potty Whiz

The potty training app for kids and parents. Turn your child into a potty trained whiz in no time!

Encourage your child, log activities with alarms and a timer and make potty training a fun interactive process.
Potty Whiz, Potty Training App Potty Whiz, Potty Training App
Great app! We love it. I'm potty training my second child and they're super active and stubborn. I found that the timer helps remind us to use the potty and keeps track of what they do each time potty is used, even track accidents!”
“This app helped me potty train my son in 3 days. Love this app because it’s simple and my son enjoyed seeing his name and the confetti when he went! Great app! Would highly recommend. 😊”
“I had been struggling to potty train my little boy for about 2-3 weeks. Trying every reward I could think of and nothing worked. Had no interested in doing it, Had this app for 3 days. Had two dry night and full day no accident. He love the little fireworks at the end.
Track Activities
Potty Training Activity Log
  • Sat on the potty
  • Went to potty
  • Told Parents?
  • Wiped
  • Flushed the potty?
  • Washed Hands?
  • Accidents
  • Drank fluids
Set Alarms
Set Multiple Alarms

Keep track of potty training activities and get reminders with our handy potty training timer when your little one has to go.

View Progress
Potty Training Progress

See how well your little one is doing.


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